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Stock Blenders with safety opening
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- Main driven roll with dimensions – Ф 320 х (1200 - 2100mm.) 

- Pressing roll with dimensions – Ф 270 х (1200 - 2100mm.)  

- Pneumatic/spring system for emergency opening of pressing roll as per safety requirements.

- Axial movement of the carriage through gall chain and worm gearbox

- AC motor for main roll drive,  P= (3 - 5,5 kW)

- AC motor for travelling carriage, P=1,1 kW

- Anti vibration/noise rubber ends of upper roll 

- Frequency controller for manual adjustment of main roll speed.

- Electrics – produced with Schneider and Telemecanique components.

- Safety clutch for the carriage – designed to protect the kinematics.

- Optional : Water cooling of the main roll. – made with a rotating joint from one side